Vranjes 2023 Handball Size 3

Vranjes 2023 handball Str. 3

The popular Vranjes handball has now arrived in the brand new 2023 model and has a new design.

The Vranjes Ball is available in 7 different colors and is a class ball for anyone who takes their handball seriously. The ball has been further developed from the old version and is made of a different material, which ensures a better grip on the ball.

The handball can be used as a match ball and a training ball for both beginners and professional handball players.

The Vranjes handball is made according to all IHF requirements for a ball and one of the ball's great strengths is its excellent grip. You can use the ball both with and without resin

It is one of our very best balls and we can definitely recommend you get the new, better developed Vranjes handball

Colors: Blue - Green - Red - Yellow - Pink - Gray - Aubergine

Material: Microfiber polyurethane with embossed Vranjes logo

The ball is also in the following sizes:

Size 0

Size 1

Size 2

Brand: Vranjes   
Model: 7202312   
Product No: vra63747

Retail: $62.50
Estimated delivery time: 2-4 business days

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