Adidas Squadra 2 Hoodie

Squadra 21 hoodie

New and improved Squadra 21 hoodie from Adidas. The design follows the same line as the entire new Squadra 21 series, with the Adidas logo placed on each sleeve. It creates a bold symmetry, while ensuring a clean look on the front.

You therefore have plenty of room to print the club logo, name, number or just what you want on the front.

Like any good hoodie, there is of course a kangaroo pocket on the front, so you can both warm your hands and have some little things on you.

The hood has strings so you can loosen and tighten it as needed and situation.


- Kangaroo pocket allows you to have the most important things with you

- Drawstring in the hood so you can easily adjust it.

- Part of the new Squadra 21 series

Quality: 100% recycled polyester

Fit: Regular

Brand: Adidas   
Model: GK9548   
Product No: adi36595

Add prints of name, number, sponsor and logo.

Retail: $55.75
Estimated delivery time: 2-10 business days

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