Adidas Entrada 22 Jersey

Entrada 22 game jersey

With the Entrada 22 jersey from Adidas, you get a classic sports t-shirt. The game jersey is a solid color with a V-neck in the same contrasting color as the Adidas logo.

The t-shirt is a typical t-shirt that can be used for all kinds of sports in team sports such as handball, football, and volleyball.

Because the Entrada 22 jersey is so simple in its design, you can easily put it together with most parts from Adidas' catalog. It also makes the game jersey ideal for getting the name, number and club logo printed on, which we can of course help with in Sportyfied.


- Sports t-shirt which can be used for most sports.

- Clean design makes the jersey ideal for printing name, number, and club logo on

Quality: 100% recycled polyester

Fit: Slim

Brand: Adidas   
Model: H61736   
Product No: adi51099

Add prints of name, number, sponsor and logo.

Retail: $22
Estimated delivery time: 2-10 business days

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+2% Discount /5 pcs. $20.25
+5% Discount /10 pcs. $20
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+2% Discount /5 pcs. $17.50
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